Hispanic literature

World of shadows and torments

A poem by Patricia Elena Vilas

World of shadows and torments

Patricia Elena Vilas

The strongest pain touches the silence;
conducts to the infinite, a sound of stars.
The thoughts unhang from the world
begging the sea of forgotten verses for truth.

The solitude and grief wander
the spaces between your death and mine,
in a sunset devoid of love
and plenty of unspeakable anguishes.

The stairs take me to the infinite,
just rueful sound is given back by the dance of the dead.
Your magical scream a mystery, rare,
wandering soul, absorbed, dismembered.

I found crystal shadows on the way,
the deep pain of my entrails
wanders silently by the mountains,
disposed of love, sorrows, and tempests.

A white robe receives me at the dawn,
the crystals of your story reflected
the tenderness of the sweet torment,
an obscure abyss, the solitude is not enough.

The winged kiss shines in the tormented fog,
born of dark sighs, oblivions, and anguish
buried by ancient madness
and dark dawns.

In the mutilated sunset of thoughts
my fragile soul wandered around the world
searching shadows that step by step
enclosing my soul in dark abysm.
Dusty eyes challenged the shadows of the eternal Spring,
light of dark candles enlightened
my illusioned world of torments.

Young harmonies of the now-time non-existing love,
a mixture of bodies in the obscurity of the clay
where the night is dressed up as abandon
opens itself with a low fire challenging obscurity.

I´m a spinning shadow,
the word that sleeps in the last swing of the square
waiting for your vanished shadow
in the sinister mist of the night.

Patricia Elena Vilas

Patricia Elena vilas (Argentina 1958) works in the Senate of the Province of Buenos Aires. She is the author of several books of poetry and her work has received multiple awards like Arco de Córdoba (2017 y 2018), Premio Internacional Grandes Mujeres (2019), Premio Nacional e Internacional Obelisco de Oro (2019 y 2020), Premio Atrezzo América-Europa (2019), Premio Nacional Gaviota de Plata (2019 y 2020), Premio Internacional Award The Best (2019), Premio Nacional Raíces (2019), Premio Nacional Cadena Mundial para la Paz, Premio Reina del Plata – rubro artístico (2019) and Premio Nacional e Internacional Arcángel San Gabriel.