Hispanic literature

Selection of poetry of Indira Ríos

Selection of poems from Indira Ríos.

Lost Notes

Indira Ríos

It’s a circumlocution
lightning takes the silence
tired of seeing their cherry trees roll down the slope
of disdain,
tired of texts without limbs
in the paraphernalia of their days.

It makes him absurd
excuses for the facades of stupid shop windows
says fate with cowardly oars
paralyzed in pretexts.

It sounds like a myopic capodastro,
like pegs of existence without hands,
every babble winding viper routes
in the throat of its strings,
the choruses look for scraps
of reality allied to resonance
of an awake platform.

She implores her to name the
names of their twenty-two trails
that grow old for fictitious days,
but she doesn’t remember them,
and the concerts only listen
to a traveling bar of sacrificed notes
with a firstborn song
looking for her god.


The luminary is the crescent quarter,
and in the middle of a camouflaged mausoleum invitation flows;
an eloquent verse nods
insight warns of a rugged premonition.

The pugnacious trajectory is undertaken,
credulity suffers a fatal setback,
it forged a lie of her transcends;
it was all criminal perjury.

On a platform, the enunciated courage was stranded,
they would have to be vetoed
glorious and brave kidnapped words;
by those who make of them only mummified sounds.

Who said that death will come to an end?
There are so many petrified bodies
with the look embedded in a vague spiral
with a rigor mortis that has them cornered.

Their gait will be conveniently invisible,
their funeral will be silent pages,
and courage could carry them,
but what is the use of carrying coffins on your back.

The epidermis of his illusions has a greyish colour
they are dead, they do not know it yet, you are with them,
the stench of bodies is recorded in the daily sniff,
and it will be the same as that given to the sylphs
when the feast arrives for them.

Indira Ríos

Indira Ríos (Honduras 1986)- is a writer whose texts have been published in digital and printed magazines: Los Heraldos Negros, from Mexico; El Rendar, from Argentina; Le Coquelicot Revue from France, and the magazine Sapos y Culebras of Spain. Currently she´s a student of doctoral studies of Migration in Tijuana, Mexico.