Hispanic literature

Selection of poetry of David González

Selection of poetry of David González

fragmented data
axed to intuition

my unconnected radar
hollowing voids
where to fall

before the absolute
the voices
of what I was

of living
to the south of the south.

indiscreet women
tattooed of verbs
welcome to the southern cold
the ports are open
the farewells collect their tithe
the sorrows and permanencies
under the Pleiades
ships of shoulder plates
in secret dialog with the universe
pushing extenuatory circumstances
where the forgotten tongues
and the native prestidigitations
still find space
where to root
in this land.

Goya would not draw
the fat dogs of the fear
nor our perfidious blindness,
just the poem
seems to sense it.

the anguish
is an animal
licking tatters
of uncertainty
with a hungry
pack of dogs behind.

central nervous system
architecture of the pleasures
in the vicinity of the spasm
the intimate god revealed
becoming flesh
in a fistful of universe.

eyes in silence
their blackness
of pupil stones
dilates the clocks

lightning wakefulness

the presences
theology is fulfilled
of our skins

David González

David González (Argentina, 1979) es un poeta. Su obra ha sido publicada en distintos medios digitales e impresos de toda América y España. You can find more about him on his author´s page.

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