Miriam H. Monarres

Master in Social work & Doctoral student of Sociology at the University of Ljubljana.

A Slovene Doctoral student in Sociology who is particularly interested in society and human psychology. A Social Sciences Researcher at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences, with an extensive bibliography that keeps on growing. To name a few, published A life story: Mother in her own world (Življenjska zgodba: Mama v svojem svetu), Age and Aging from the Perspective of Old people (Starost in staranje iz perspektive starih ljudi), and co-authored Stories of the Relatives of people with Dementia (Zgodbe sorodnikov ljudi z demenco). A part-time English-Slovene, and Slovene-English translator. In love with the Slovene language, giving affection to the English language, and occasionally flirting with the Spanish. Passionate about sharing the Slovene literature and culture, making it accessible to everyone.

By making the literature accessible we spread the knowledge about the past, we learn about ourselves and the world. This helps us understand not only the past and present but also the future. I would like to spread the idea of literature as a tool to connect all people. Those of different cultures, geographical positions, as well as those of different times.

What I do?
  • Translator Slovene to English
  • Translator English to Slovene
  • English editor
  • Graphic designing, digital content creator
  • Informing, consulting Slovene to Spanish translations
  • Social media manager, Public relations

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Alejandro H. Monarres

Bachelor’s in Hispanic Letters and Master’s student in Hispanic Studies at the University of Ljubljana.

Studied for his Bachelors in Mexico, where he worked on an online magazine Estudios Funebres. He published the book Manifiesto infantil o antiteoría de las bellas artes. Furthermore, his literary works have been published in Mexico, Spain and Peru and now he is co-directing this website since he thinks that open access to the culture is urgent to develop free societies. He is always thinking that there are not enough translations of Slovene literature to Spanish.

We are running this webpage because we know the beauty of the languages, especially the importance of the Slovene language, that is why we are trying to solve the problem of the lack of Spanish literature in the Slovene language, and the lack of translated works of the Slovene literature in the Spanish language.

In 2022 he got awared the Jana Zemljarič Miklavčič Scholarship Trust of the Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language of the University of Ljubljana for

What I do?
  • Webmaster
  • Translator from Slovene to Spanish
  • Translator from Spanish to English
  • Translator from Spanish to Slovene
  • Editor
  • Public relations

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